My mission is to decenter the notion of what is deemed as ‘Real’ by reevaluating its premise, content and form. Via adopting scientific methodologies I intend to create works that reorient us away from the dominant present paradigm and hints towards exploring the paradox of reality.

Artist statement

My multilingual heritage is an embodiment of my cultural orphanage. Hence my work is an embodiment of how decolonization has directly affected language in Pakistan. Our society once build on language is now slowly crumbling, giving rise to a unique form of existential and identity crisis where foreign language is used to measure one’s intellect, literacy, and social status. Following this trajectory my work visually realized the consequences of pushing our own language towards extinction.

Employing experimental ethnography, I utilize cross-disciplinary processes to give form to my research. Expanding the studio practice via using non-conventional mediums and doing field research to collect qualitative data, my work becomes a platform for generative dialogue across mediums and practices.


Born in Pakistan, Ayesha Rumi uses contemporary forms of image making to challenge narratives that have influenced identity in post-colonial societies through her community. She has exhibited work in the United States, Germany, Pakistan, China and Italy. After graduating with distinction from Beaconhouse National University, Pakistan, she was awarded a Graduate Research Fellowship by Syracuse University in New York where she earned her MFA in studio arts. Her work resides in the collections of Luciano Benetton, Michael S. Tick, Aisha Abid Hussain, Malcolm Hutcheson and Salima Hashmi amongst others.