My mission is to decenter the notion of what is deemed as ‘Real’ by reevaluating its premise, content and form. Via adopting scientific methodologies I intend to create works that reorient us away from the dominant present paradigm and hints towards exploring the paradox of reality.

Artist statement

My practice utilizes an experimental ethnography combining storytelling with qualitative research and Post modern narrative to approach themes of identity politics leading to Othering and exploring Artifactual history to study post-colonial societies. 

The way I reciprocate these themes in my work is by intentionally blurring the lines between fact and fiction documentation and imagination. And in the process synthesizing new concepts that challenge the way artistic ideas are conceptualized and formulated; therefore striving to establish novel ideas from a myriad of already existing disciplines including but not limited to biology, sociology and philosophy.

in my resent works I am seeking to decenter notion of ‘real’ or instutionalized truths; by questioning its premise,  content and form of what makes ‘reality’, hence my work tends to transgress and reorients our present stance away from predominant paradigm. Hence my work can be seen as occupying the spaces of slippage that exist between disciplinary boundaries, questioning how narratives are built, rather than superficially interpreting the final picture.


Born in Lahore, Pakistan 1991, Ayesha Rumi is an interdisciplinary artist with distinction in BFA from Beaconhouse National University. She has exhibited her works in various places nationally and internationally such as in US, Germany, Pakistan and Italy. In 2018 she was awarded Research Fellowship by Syracuse University, New York where she is currently living and working.

Her work resides in the collections of Luciano Benetton, Michael S. Tick, Aisha Abid Hussain and Salima Hashmi to name a few. Ayesha’s practice uses installation, video, performance, sculpture, and photography to negotiate hybridization of cultures and the persistence of difference. In her recent works she has tried to create a dialogue between ephemeral and eternal by challenging notions like ‘object is nothing outside its mediation’ – the signified is nothing outside the signifier and the transcendental is nothing outside the empirical.