Lithographs , Video 20 by 30 inches


The relationship of the image to the language is intertwined in such a complex way that one might not exist without the other. This relationship therefore becomes part of a multifaceted paradigm where meaning, image and language while sharing a discourse generate their own discourse simultaneously. This subsequently renders our capabilities of deciphering the ultimate or ‘True’ meaning of image or language obsolete.

It would perhaps therefore not be out of place to suggest that each mind has a distinct, although often related visual association with a word or concept. This association can be observed, albeit usually with blurred boundaries, even when the most significant tool of communication that is language, is shared between two minds. 

In this work, Kar کر, I attempted to isolate a single letter from the Urdu writing; deconstruction is approached, to the point where its recognition depends on the signifier. The ensuing process indicates not only the meaning indicated by the signifier, but also tests whether the signified has merit to evolve and morph meanings autonomously via its physical metamorphosis.


In Kar, as I am formally attempting to isolate yet at the same time go beneath the subtext of language. The more the layers unravel, the more obscure and bewildered the signified is expected to be. This randomness is akin to the entropy observed at molecular level of all matter; where all matter has a definitive shape that is always observable within certain boundaries, this illusion is shattered as we delve deeper into the fundamentals of what is being observed, be it matter or language.