Various species of micro-organisms cultivated from leaves in agar solution, petri dish


Our world is a mere representation of another universe -Brian Greene, Physicist

I want to reiterate Greene’s theory by proposing the idea of our world being a hologram of “micro-organizations” and, subsequently, whether we can determine the organizational behavior of macro societies by studying organizational behaviors of “micro-organizations”. 

My speculations are derived from the study of “Quorum Sensing” by Bonnie Bassler which suggests that bacteria which, in this context, I am considering analogous to the “micro organization”, are multilingual organisms and, therefore, they are able to carry out a multitude of complicated functions despite being unicellular. Their ability to communicate across their own species has given them the characteristics that are present in complex societies which help them function as a single unit. 

This project not only challenges norms associated with research in the natural sciences but also gives a fresh perspective on process driven works in the world of art. The application of this work goes beyond contemporary art and science as it also examines the psychology behind the formation of societies and study of collective behaviors.