Overlapping Narratives

Mix-Media, 12 by 15 feet, 2020

I wanted to create a work, therefore, that showed the overlap between the aforementioned issues around me and their causes rooted in the system. In other words, an exploration of how systematic problems can result in devolving problems on many different levels. Much like the keys in an atlas, I assigned red, blue and yellow (three primary colors) with domestic violence, education and child labor, respectively. I applied these paints on a map of Punjab in accordance with the data I had gathered on these three topics and the result was that they all merged to create secondary and tertiary colors. In a way, they depicted rhizomes and their development into intricate structures and also how these three issues in Punjab culminate in the creation of problems that are far more complex than the original three I investigated which are large in themselves. So complex in fact that in order to get to their roots is seemingly impossible.

I took this concept further by inducting photographs taken in the places from where I had collected my data and projected them on three feet paintings comprising of expressions that reflected Urdu, Arabic and English scripture and Pakistani newspapers blurbs regarding the above mentioned three issues. Each image was positioned according to color and, therefore, the issue that color represented. When taken against the backdrop, it displays consequential issues stemming from the base three issues on which they are premised.