Remediation of Memory

Ferric ammonium citrate, ammonium dicromate, silver nitrate on Calcium sulphate tiles Room installation 24 by 20 feet of 800 tiles


The inert nature of the images gives rise to the whole phenomenon of past, present and future. However I want to capture these temporary moments when I myself along with everything, is in a state of transition. I want to capture the beauty that exists in each and every passing moment, which is further highlighted due to its inevitability of death. Therefore I want to devise a technique, which captures these instances momentarily and in a few days, or weeks the whole image would be transformed, reciprocating the harsh realities of life and how at the end of the journey all is forgotten leaving only a faint conscience as memory. I want my work to serves as a metaphor of how life is; constantly struggling, consistently in a flow, and continuously influx. Yet a certain trace or a mark of the past still exists and sustains within this flux of movements, expansions and flows.