Rhizomatic Rupture 0.1

Video installation in Petri dish


‘Percepts’ and ‘Affects’, are discourses which exist as independent structures, as well as blending in and becoming part of the processes where narratives are constructed. They are generated and probated through our interactions with the elements that can only be understood within their own parameters of discourse.

These entities can also be reconciled with Nietzsche’s concept of Active and Reactive forces. When understood in this conjunction, they help to explain Danto’s “The End of Art”, where the reactive forces have taken over the active ones and this shift in paradigm for Danto constitutes the end of previously Active institution of art.

Therefore in this work, I have attempted to constitute this dialogue by constructing an virtual organism whose presence results in the formulation and death of another virtual entity. This process of beginning and ending leads to the consequential beginning of something new, while the beginning of something new leads to ending of something. The ruptures that exist in between are symbolic to Deleuze’s Rhizomes which are neither subjects nor objects but rather, magnitude and dimensions which can not change in number without completely changing their nature.

In this work, there is a bunch of multiplicities put together with no structure. However they are all interconnected in a way that change in one will make ripples, sparking a gigantic change in ending or the beginning of a new paradigm.